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About Vietnam Hookup 


Casual sex in Vietnam and other exotic countries is extraordinary, so it requires extraordinary dating sites that are explaining things and showing the best ways to get a Vietnamese girl.


This country isn’t too religious, so one can hookup there easily. People are very simple, their mentality is something between the Chinese and Filipina patterns. They’re always busy but positive. 


Following the dating experts’ advice is always important if one wants the fruitful and memorable trip. Like all top Asian countries to date and hookup, Vietnam has its own unique sides and secrets.


When you go there, make sure you’re ready for unusual food, hot weather, busy transport, and of course, lots of surfing. This is also how you can find your casual partner, she can be your trainer.


Girls in Vietnam are modest yet self-confident. They used to be providers since their youngest years and remain independent and down-to-earth at any age. It simplifies the pickup process a lot.


Very cute, smiling, soft-hearted, they make a perfect company to any man who is tired of feminism and bad manners. Vietnamese beauties will definitely make you feel like a true man.

Vietnamese women and relationship dating advice 

Western men who dated in Vietnam or had a casual affair there, report girls are much more committed comparing to Filipina or Thai women. They are really able to focus on one man only. 

What it means: they’re less jealous since they’re sure you’re after them; they’re happy to please you any time; they aren’t flirting with the others; they are welcoming yet a bit reserved and modest. 

Such a rare and feminine attitude raises one’s self-esteem a lot and strengthens the relationship automatically. However, some rules should be followed if you want to keep your Vietnamese girlfriend. 


Like in all Asian countries, parents play a big role in women’s lives. They surely aren’t asking for their advice every now and then, but mutual respect and seeing each other often in a must.

You can play this card and visit her parents at least once in two weeks, or inviting them out to eat. Present something small, compliment their sweet daughter, and they’ll be your biggest supporters.

Are Vietnam girls submissive or dominant?   

Regardless of your search purpose and intentions, you might be curious to know whether Vietnamese women are doms or subbies. Well, they can be both if well asked, but usually submissive. 

Men who dated or hookuped those exotic hotties, report they like getting on a top in a midst of sexual performance, but they rarely initiate it themselves and need a man to be their leader in a bed. 

Vietnam girls allow the first kiss more readily than Korean girls, who pretend to be very shy and resistant. But with all further research of her body, one should be a bit slower and more patient. 


Sexy Hanoi cuties aren’t noticed in intense experimenting. They remain classical, and only add some typical Asian wilderness along with unusual places for sex. It can be among nature, or on a balcony. 

Dating experts say women’s limits are always mostly within her culture. So, just learn more about Vietnam on dating blogs, before you go there. It guarantees a better understanding of women.  

Are Vietnam girls model-looking?  

Today, with the development of beauty industry and fashion, model agencies expand in each country. Asian fashion and modeling have their own standards of beauty, but westerners find them cute.

Vietnamese girls tend to look childish and playful a bit less than Chinese, Japanese, Thai chicks. There isn’t a teenage style in Vietnam that would be as common and cultivated as in those countries.


Instead, sexy models look their age but can be quite classy and refined. It mostly depends on their background and the region they live in, their genetic data. Chances are always high to find such a girl.

If one goes deeper to the village, he can see women become simpler in their looks and manners. Still, it isn’t a reason to refuse the chance to hookup a Vietnamese girl and appreciate her as she is.

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