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"Thank you VietnamHookup!"

I had lived in the US for 30 yrs before making my first trip back to VN in 2008. I joined VNCupid in hope of finding love. I met a 3 women but nothing materialize. I then stopped being a paying member for a while. I would often visit the site but nothing peak my interest. Then in 2011 before I was making another trip to VN in Feb, I saw this gorgeous lady name Trang that I had to contact so I upgraded my membership again. She replied to me right before I left for VN but I didn't have the time to connect with her. Once I got to VN, on my 2nd day I contacted her over messenger and she was quite shocked to know that I was in VN. Funny but she kept trying to to get me on the WC but I refused. We made a date 2 days later and although we got along quite well, I don't think it was love at first sight. Fast forward to our 4th meeting and after we had dinner at Marina, we went to the 23rd floor of the Sheraton. Thats when it was all-in for me as I made my move and I kissed her for a 1st time. Needless to say it was magical and I knew then she was the one for me. Now 8 months later(Oct 2011), I went back to VN and we got married. I married the girl of my dream and I couldn't have done it without the help of VNCupid.


"I have met the woman of my dreams from VietnamHookup"

Dear VietnamHookup,

I want to personally thank you for your services. You truly are making the World a smaller place. I have met the woman of my dreams from VietnamHookup. This wouldn’t have been possible without such a specialized and well constructed virtual meeting place.

Thank you again for making my dream come true.




"We met each other on VietnamHookup"

We met each other on VietnamHookup last 3 years, we made a date in evening in Coffee Bar at Caravelle Hotel, but the music was too loud, we changed to another coffee in Dist 5 near my house. We talked together until 12 am, we went to our house. But because it rained before, so my husband took a taxi with his umbrella on hand, I used by my motorbike to take him to go to another coffee shop, I helped him to keep his umbrella in my motorbike and I took him, but after we left the coffee restaurant, I forgot to give him back. Because I was so busy with translating to Vietnamese with a motorbike guy who took him go back to his house. Next day, when I open my motorbike, I appeared his umbrella, I sent him a message when he can take back it, he replied that why I stole his umbrella? But I didnt know that word was a joke, I called to say when he had freetime he can come to my office to take back, I was not a robber, after that he smiled a lot and said in the evening we can meet again in front of Caravelle Hotel again, he would wait for me over there. When I came, he waited with a flowers and a bear to say sorry for his words this morning.

Until now, I still remember that story, and the result of 1 year for loving, we got married on last 8 of March 2009. We have a baby girl very beautiful last 25 of July 2010.I love my family and want to say thanks to VietnamHookup helped us come together. It is unbeliveable with someone, but it the truth with us.


"I'm happy about my experience"

I'm happy about my experience and found a good woman in Vietnam! This site is was the beginning of my journey in Vietnam...


"VietnamHookuphas brought me such joy!"

VietnamHookup has brought me such joy! I joined over a year ago and that's when the love of my life made himself known to me. He is such a wonderful man and has brought me much happiness. We got married middle of 2009 and are now about to celebrate our first anniversary! Without this site I do believe my life would be very unhappy. Thank you Vietnam for giving me my wonderful new life! I recommend you to everybody now! Nick & Tuyet

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